The One World Award

Winners will be announced June 1st 2018 at the BSIC Conference -

United States Institute of  Peace, Washington DC


The Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition's (BSIC) Incubator has  started. Until May 21st, 93 teams and 110+ mentors in 51 countries are working on solutions in the areas of Democracy, Agriculture, Refugees and Hardware.

To drive awareness about diversity and inclusion ‘Women in Blockchain’, an independent initiative and partner of Consensys, are posting  The 'One World Award' to honor the solution that best promotes open access and equal inclusion.



The One World Award

This prize is dedicated to honoring BSIC Incubator solutions that best promote equal inclusion and open access. It is a separate prize organized by the Women in Blockchain group and sponsored by those who believe that we have to start rewarding efforts benefitting Diversity & Inclusion.

Based on its unique features to replace trust with audibility Blockchain solutions can help the inclusion of populations that have historically been under-served, side lined and disadvantaged resulting in less representation in society and less of a voice. 

To qualify for the prize,  teams participating in the incubator submit up to 2 pages and describe related considerations also in their final video submission.

Judges will reward efforts and innovative ideas that create a more equal and inclusive solution and capture needs of those who are traditionally under-served within the team's  project category.


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Let's make it BIG! 

UPDATE: We made 'goal plus some' thanks to generous sponsorships of those who care. See sponsors below.

This reward will benefit the winning teams to realize their projects and can be paid in fiat or crypto currencies.

As a sponsor of the award, you will receive recognition on June 1st, you will be mentioned at the BSIC Conference and as well as at the following Women in Blockchain Meetup.

The One World Award is focusing on old and new metrics, learn to name them, count them and reward them.

Be one of the trailblazers in this effort and contribute!


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June 1st 2018 - United States Institute of  Peace, Washington, DC

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Incubator teams

Participating teams in the Blockchain for Social Impact incubator can qualify for this award by submitting up to 2 pages about your diversity and inclusion efforts and by addressing related considerations in your final video.

  • How does your solution elevate traditionally underrepresented voices within your target category?  

  • How did you identify this group and involve them in finding a solution?

  • How does your solution serve them?

  • What validated assumptions and metrics are you building your solution on?

  • What have you learned? Please share your 'aha' moments.

Tip: Engage people with diverse talents, identities, and relationships to the social good you hope to deliver and include people you plan to serve in every step of the validation.

This independent reward will be split solely at the team members' discretion.

Metrics are also captured in the weekly submissions and count towards your final BSIC incubator score judged by BSIC judges regardless of your submission for this extra award. 

The One World Award is judged by a set of  independent judges organized by the

Women in Blockchain.


Post all questions in #diversity in the BSIC incubator slack!




And the Winners Are...

To be announced June 1st at the BSIC Conference

All parties agree to hold Women in Blockchain harmless from and against anything and everything. 



Trailblazers towards a more equal world funding this award: